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Owning a home is often the largest and most important investment one makes in their life. At Carolina’s Choice Insurance we strive to make sure that this investment is protected through a variety of coverage options tailored to fit our clients’ needs. There are many variables to consider when purchasing home insurance and we will carefully and diligently walk you through every step of the process. Fire, flooding, theft and other causes of damage or loss are unfortunate but they do not have to be disastrous if you are prepared. There is no better preparation for the unforeseen than to make sure your home is insured by one of our comprehensive policies.

In the unfortunate event that your home is damaged and needs repairs, additional living costs can occur. This is where our additional living expense options will provide a safety net. Hotel stays, rentals, and relocation costs can all be covered under the right policy.

Your home is more than just the materials that were used to build it and we at Carolina’s Choice Insurance understand that. Policies are available to protect the contents of your home as well. Furniture, electronics, decorations, appliances, and so much more make up what really turns a house into a home. Oftentimes, one’s belongings are more personally important than the home itself. Also, as a homeowner you can be held liable if someone is injured in your home or on your property. Liability protection for your household is a tremendous safeguard for potential incidents.

What’s Protected Under Our Lines of Home Insurance?

Your home and other buildings on your property.

Your belongings and the contents of your home.

Additional living expenses if you aren’t able to stay in your home during repairs.

Liability protection covers the homeowner if someone is injured in their home or on their property.

Identity Theft

Additional replacement cost coverage

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